Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Googlism for: jane
jane is boring?
jane is her name
jane is no crime (well I could be)
jane is a stupid communistic traitor bitch ( they gotta mean Jane Fonda)
jane is moving (you die if you stop movin' hun!)
jane is boring" (some times)
jane is a veteran (of life maybe)
jane is betty page
jane is spending $12m (I wish!!)
jane is over rated (that would be sad.)
jane is a screaming girl (i'm no screamer ;) )
jane is showering upon drew (who's drew?)
jane is black and has super (i wear a lot of black clothes...)
jane is the master bbs server (mm master)
jane is doing a sponsored cycle in iceland in support of (would like to visit there)
jane is attempting to walk across the street (it's trying, I know)
jane is the times cook of the week (hehe...wouldn't that be great!)
jane is back (and badder than ever baby!)
jane is an independent missionary (for my own ends that is)
jane is scooting her hosting (scooting hosting?? hah)
jane is too ill to move (I was the other day)
jane is coming back (You can't keep a good woman down!)
jane is a sweet girl (awww!)
jane is better than natalie (always!)
jane is fun (more fun than a ton of bricks!)
jane is a heart breaker (she's a dream maker, heart breaker...)
jane is licked by every end porno inside (that doesnt' seem right)
jane is a warner bros (ooo then i should know wily e. coyote!)
jane is not (am too)
jane is one hot model (model what?)
jane is 101 (yes, I think of myself as an introductory course)
jane is over rated chico roll ads f1 grand prix (huh?)
jane is no longer being produced (shame)
jane is strong (like mountain goat)
jane is installing windows 2000 professional (ewwww NEVER!!)
jane is performing on norwegian cruise line's ship norwegian sun (where's my check!)
jane is treated like a servant by the guests (typical)
jane is the treasurer of off the record (ooh more money)
jane is just jealous (call me the greenie meanie)
jane is a 72 (if only i was 42...then I'd be "the answer")
jane is licked by every end (sucker)
jane is able to finally return to rochester as an independent woman (oooh Jane Eyre)
jane is a british mi (mi?)
jane is a compelling (something or other)
jane is a superhero that can use her special strength (oooh and I can wear tights and a cape!)
jane is portrayed as a survivor ( I will survive)
jane is an image (and an idol)
jane is blessed with a large vocal range (only in the shower)
jane is big with death (eek)
jane is ready early for her carriage ride to lowood (
jane is an orphan who is at first raised by her aunt (auntie!)
jane is indomitable; (you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man)
jane is not just a novelist (and so much more)
jane is feeling 'burning and fiery' (my hair is reddish)
jane is one of a large family comprising seven girls and five boys of which she is the eldest (not quite that big)
jane is sent to gateshead to live with her father's sister (oh to go to gateshead)
jane is developing practical life skills (aren't we all)
jane is a must for your next poetry reading or gay event (well okie dokily do)
jane is also a licensed art therapist who has focused on innovative ways of teaching fine art
jane is listed in the census as living by herself
jane is edited as a lifestyle magazine for a new generation of confident
jane is the girl next door
jane is admittedly effective at doing most of what it attempts
jane is no longer a "pale little elf" but a "little sunny
jane is not agent brookes
jane is dismayed to find that she is falling for a man so bent on starting another
jane is my name (dont wear it out)
jane is a delight both to work with and to learn from
jane is as a baby in her mother's arms
jane is the title character of the iron dragon's daughter
jane is finally freed from persecution and enjoys more humane
jane is up to
jane is a lesbian
jane is named after jane seymour
jane is skilled with a horse and handles a gun like a master gunslinger
jane is robin to daria's batman
~~~~~~~~~ how odd some of these are!

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