Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Slow day today...which is rather obvious I suppose. I'm starting to double think reading other people's blogs that I know. Well not all of them but some of them. I guess that's one of the risks you take when you decide to read what others have to say. And to be quite frank...if the situation was reversed, I'd tell the offended (too strong of a word but whatever) party to stop looking at it if it bothered them so much. Easy Peasy. So I suppose that's what I should do.
I should stop futzing around on the web and attempt to use some of this downtime to do some work on my portfolio and self promo pieces and all that other crap. But, scary as this may sound, this place is a creative zapper zone. It's just a lot of mostly crappy ads coming through here that the production artists basically print out and if changes need to be made, they make them. A large part of the "work" (not workers) is just ugh...ugh...the only way I can think to describe it. True most of them are coupon pages and that kind of thing that will run in the Sunday paper but that's not even a good excuse. There should be still be good work produced, coupon or not. Just proofing is killing me...I want to change the copy on a lot of the ads, and it's making me crazy. And the worst part of the whole thing is that there are people out there somewhere at agencies, writing this crap, and getting paid, while I'm unemployed. That's the major bummer. I hate it. Grr.

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