Saturday, November 16, 2002

Saturday 8
When you are happy and everything is right with the world, how do you view yourself? In a good way. My confidence goes up.
When you are pissed, what are your typical actions [do you sleep, cuss, mope around...and why]? I write sometimes to get the frustrations out. Sometimes I mope around or just get in a nasty mood.
If you work, getting praised by customers and/or patients, how do you feel? Happy. It makes me feel like the work I've put in has been worthwhile.
How do you feel if someone has lied to you? ...Do you comfront them or let them slide? I feel hurt. I try to be honest for the most part with people and having them lie back to me stinks. If I know they are lying about something, depending on what it is, I might confront them about it. Or hint that I know that they are lying.
Let's say you came into winning 500,000 dollars. What do you do and/or how do you spend it? I'd give myself a small percent of it to spend on things I want to get, maybe like 10K and then the rest I'd either invest or something along those lines.
The crush of your life tells you that they are gay/lesbian. I'd be a bit sad but it'd be no biggie. I'd rather they be happy than live a lie.
You are feeling down and depressed. What do you do to get yourself out of the funk? Put on some good music. Dance. Paint. Write. Talk to friends.
What 8 "little things" do people do that make your day? Getting responses to my emails. Hugs and kisses from C when I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen. Family calling me to see how I'm doing. Job interviews. Having dinner made for me. Having someone else clean the kitchen. Friends calling to hang out. C being there and giving me a reason to get out of bed on days I don't want to face the world.

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