Friday, November 15, 2002

Daily Dose - Friday Face-Off
1) sweet vs. sour- Hard choice...I like both...but I'll go with sweet (like me, hah)
2) hot drinks vs. cold drinks- It really depends on the weather for the most part. When I'm melting there's no way I can have something hot to drink. But cold drinks are usually okay anytime.
3) vanilla vs. chocolate- Chocolate!
4) grape vs. orange- Grape all the way!
5) pasta vs. potatoes- potatoes
6) soup vs salad- I tend to go with salad, unless it's french onion or corn chowder...yum!
7) breakfest, lunch, or dinner- either breakfast or dinner...breakfast for dinner is cool too. :)
8) Mexican vs. Italian- Mexican....yummmmmmie! Although I do love Italian too.
9) Japanese vs. Chinese- Japanese noodle dishes rock. Athough I prefer Thai to both of them
10) eat-in vs take-out- Depends on my mood. With takeout though you don't have to tip :)

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