Friday, November 15, 2002

t.g.o.f - Just 'cos #11 & Second skin 
(Just 'cos #11)
1. Currently, the weather is great 'cos it's not raining.
2. My mum's house is a great holiday destination 'cos she's there :)
3. The last thing I ate was dinner last night 'cos I haven't gotten around to having breakfast yet.
4. Jingle Bell Rock is my fav Christmas song 'cos it doesn't get as stuck in my head as other ones.
5. I have recently colored my hair 'cos it needed it.
6. Burger King is my fav fast-food outlet 'cos it's priced right and is better than Mc's.
7. Often, I buy too many shoe 'cos I love shoes.
(Second skin)
8. What clothes or attire do you look good in or is your favorite? (care to post a picture?) Black. Not goth black, but black.
9. What item/s in your closet do you have TOO many of? (e.g. denims, blazers) Why? Black pants. I guess because I like them and I do wear them a lot.
10. What do you wear (or don't wear) to sleep??? Depends on the temperature. Sometimes I go starkers, and sometimes it's a tank top and pajama bottoms or something.

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