Friday, November 15, 2002

The Mo-Fo Friday Five
1. Fuckin A, it's Friday finally. Whatcha drinkin, cause we all know you are a slobbering lush. Just coffee for now. It's just after 10am so it's a bit early to get started on drinking. Although I do have a loverly bottle of wine that needs kicking. Maybe later :)
2. Are ya gettin any this weekend? Who's the lucky bastard? I hope so.
3. Tell Heather you fucking love her in a creative way. Watch your tongue and be nice, or I will hunt you down and cut it out of your filthy mouth. Um, Heather you have nice ankles.
4. Think these questions are fluff? Go fuck yourself. For the rest of you, what's the best fucking movie you've ever seen? [I mean, the best movie, not the best movie with fucking in it, unless you wanna share that too.] Hmm. The Princess Bride I guess.
5. So what the fuck are you doing this weekend? Going to a surprise bday party on Saturday....should be a good, drunken time. Especially since it's for the bloke who owns the bar. ;)

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