Tuesday, November 05, 2002

This or That Tuesday!
1. Art or science museum? Ooh massively hard decision. I love both!
2. Play or watch sports? Play sports.
3. Zoo or circus? Zoo. I hate the circus...well dislike it very much.
4. Theater: film or live on stage? Live on stage.
5. Rock concert or the symphony? Would depend on my mood. I like both. But I'll go with rock concert.
6. Movies: see them in a theater or wait for DVD/VHS? Wait for DVD/VHS...at least for the most part. Tickets are just way too expensive.
7. Board games or computer/video games? I love computer/video games but you can't beat a good board game.
8. Hobbies: crafts (art, cooking, home repair, etc) or collecting (coins, stamps, rocks, etc)? Crafts all the way!
9. Watch TV or read a book? Read a book. There's hardly any good stuff on TV anymore.
10. Eating out: fancy, white-tablecloth restaurant or casual dining? Casual dining. Fancy places are nice once in a while but I prefer the casual atmosphere.

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