Thursday, December 12, 2002

Campaign to curb underage drinking- A campaign from the state of Ohio aims to get underage drinkers to "think twice" before making their purchase using references from the 80s. "Do you know who shot JR? If you know the answer to that, you're probably drinking legally. Signs posted at places where liquor is sold will say, for instance, "If you don't know who shot J.R., prepare to be carded." Other variations include, "If you've never done the moonwalk ..." or "If you think a turntable is a piece of furniture..."

Tech N9ne tries free music downloads as free advertising- If this pans out it could be a step towards ending the wars of music companies and downloading music. "They want to prove that file sharing, like radio and video play, is a promotional tool that boosts the sales of albums that deserve it."

The ban on the Bush ad has been lifted. "It was absurd to expect us to call George Bush - we even made an ad using Bin Laden just to see whether they'd make us try to contact him for his permission as well," he added."

WSJ bashes free biz sites in it's new ad campaign.

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