Thursday, December 12, 2002

More space stuff
Geminid Meteor Shower- Peaks on before dawn on Saturday morning, around 4am EST. The moon will have set by 2am so this should be a pretty good show, say scientists. "The shower gets its name from the fact that its meteors appear to stream out of the constellation Gemini, which is almost directly overhead in the pre-dawn hours this time of year. While the meteors all move away from this so-called radiant, they can begin and end anywhere and should be visible all over the sky. Another interesting viewing opportunity comes Friday night, when Gemini is just emerging above the eastern horizon. Skywatchers with a good view of the horizon around 8 p.m. could see dramatic "earthgrazing" meteors that are longer-lived than the average shooting star. Be warned, however, that these earthgrazers are rare and even a lot of patience might yield zero sightings."

Sky calendar- check out what's going on in the sky. Lots of things happening in December.

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