Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Oh yea of the Blogger incorporated...where oh where hath mine archives for novemeber gone?
I suppose I should send them a note about it. I'm missing most of last month in my archives. Just annoying more than anything else. And I guess I should update the design on those pages too. I'd do it now but I'm just not in the mood to tinker with that kind of thing.
So the Taken mini-series is continuing this week. It's still pretty interesting. They are up to the 80s now which means that it will either end during or at the end of the week. And yes I know I could look it up but dammit I don't wanna. ;)
I was supposed to have jury duty tomorrow but since I've moved they said I didn't have to show up. Just to send in a card with a change of address. So, I guess that's good. I just worry though that even though they say it's okay for me to not show up that well, you just never know. The system is quite screwy. I had gotten jury service notification from two different places and one time they had been sending the notices to an address I hadn't lived at for 3 years. And amazingly enough the university finally forwarded the one that was ordering me to go to court for not showing up for the jury duty. This is why I worry about being told not to show up. Oh well. Although that does remind me I do have to get my voter registration changed around. All these stupid things to do when you're an adult. Grr.

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