Monday, December 02, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.48
1. Suppose God (or your deity of choice) grants you one miracle. Consider the world in which we live. Consider your life and family. What would you request for this miracle? Are you sure that is the best way to use it? You only get one. Man, talk about pressure. Geez. I would want to be selfish and use the miracle to get me a job. But I'd feel guilty about that. I guess I would ask for world prosperity and peace. Or something like that.
2. I believe that prayers do get answered, but I realize not everyone agrees. Have you ever had an experience where you truly believe your prayer was answered? If you don't believe in such things, how come? What is your philosophy on prayer? I'm not sure if I really believe in prayer. I haven't really figured out my spiritual beliefs so it doesn't seem quite right to pray considering I'm not praying to anything/anyone. Although I do pray to the nothingness sometimes.
3. Have you ever lost a pet? That is, have you ever had a pet get loose, run away or be stolen? Did you get it back? How did the loss impact your life? A few of them. One we think got eatten by a coyote or something. Another got run over by a car. It made me sad but I eventually got over it. Usually by getting a new kitten.
4. Getting together with family at the holidays is great, I just love it. Most of all I love the food. What is your favorite holiday food? Either potato pancakes or candied yams.
5. One thing I've noticed about the holidays is that no one makes Pumpkin Pie like my Grandmother. She has totally spoiled me on her recipe, I just don't like the taste of anyone else's Pumpkin Pie. Are there are dishes or desserts that someone in your family fixes better than anyone else? None of them are really better than the others, they are just a bit different. It's all good.
6. Since I have no brothers or sisters, I am always wondering what it would have been like. Now that I am older, it kinda stinks that I will never be an Uncle. Do you have any siblings with children? How does it make you feel to be an Aunt or an Uncle? If not, would you like to be have nieces and nephews? Would you make a good relative to them? My stepsister had kids. It was fun to be an aunt. That is until we stopped talking because their mother was evil to my mom. I have a good friend who has a baby and she calls me an aunt. I don't think you have to have siblings to be an uncle either. I have a few "uncles" who are really close family friends.
7. I am putting together a CD of great holiday music. Do you have any suggestions of what songs (title/artist) I should include? Grandma got run over by a reindeer is a great one, but I don't know the artist for that. I like the silly songs like that.
BONUS: How would you feel knowin' prejudice was obsolete and all mankind danced to the same beat? Groovy.

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