Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Tuesday Dis or Dat
1. Christmas dinner: turkey or ham (or something else)? Well this year I think it will be lasagne and the whole italian christmas experience. Usually it's turkey. I don't really have a preference though.
2. Candy canes or chocolate? Chocolate
3. Fruit basket or fruitcake? Fruit basket...I don't think I've ever had fruitcake.
4. Mulled cider or mulled wine? Mulled cider...mulled hard cider ;)
5. Eggnog or hot chocolate? Eggnog is good. Normally I prefer hot chocolate but during the holidays eggnog hits the spot.
6. Holiday cookies: homemade or store-bought? Homemade!
7. Roasting chestnuts or popping corn? Popping corn.
8. On the buffet table: veggie platter or cheese tray? Veggie platter.
9. Apple or pumpkin pie? Apple pie. Especially the ones my step-great grandmother makes :)
10. Christmas Day breakfast: before or after gift-opening? After.

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