Monday, December 16, 2002

Daily Dose- Monday Morning Quarterback
1) If you were head of your own cable network, what shows no longer on the air would you bring back to your network and why? Mornings would be all the cartoons from my childhood...all the stuff from the 80s like the Smurfs and Fraggle Rock. Then it would be reruns of all the other shows from that time too from Silver Spoons, Knight Rider and Moonlighting.
2) Tell us what you were doing back ten years ago. I was in high school.
3) If you could be a geographical feature (ie lakes, mountains, oceans, etc), what would you be and why? Oceans. The way they ebb and flow and connect everything is very cool.
4) Have you ever looked back on a pariod of your life and go "what was I thinking?", and what was it that you regreted doing that time? Yes. I wasted a lot of my time being with someone I shouldn't have been with for as long as I was.

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