Thursday, January 30, 2003

Meme Time
Thursday Thumb Twiddler
1. When was the last time you ever walked out of a movie while it was still playing on screen? Or have you ever? I don't think I ever have, although there have been a few where I was *very* tempted to.
2. What sort of things would you do if you could be as outgoing and uninhibited as you wish? Nothing really comes to mind. I think I'm pretty outgoing as it is...well for the most part.
3. In an expensive restaurant, after a very nice, enjoyable meal, the waitress brings you your check. You notice you didn't get charged for one of the items. What, if anything, do you do? Considering money is tight now, probably nothing. If I had the money to pay for it, I might say something.

Thursday Threesome
Echoes: What sound do you hear from time to time that immediately draws up an echo from the past? Black Crow's cd...brings back a memory for me.
Visions: ...and what about something you might see now and again that evokes a scene from days gone by? Dolphins. They remind me of my past desire to become a marine biologist.
Memories: "Misty water color memories"? Is there a painting or a picture you like to look back on just to remember a certain time or place? Yes, quite a few of them in fact. :)

3 for Thursday (#19):
1. What are 3 things have eaten off of someone else's plate (or just someone else)? Hah. Um, berries, whipped cream, tomatoes.
2. What are 3 things that you like to lick or suck? Ice pops, lollys, and candycanes (I'm keeping this one clean!)
3. What 3 of your favorite foods do you consider finger lickin' good? Chocolate, sweet potato fries, and BBQ potato chips.
4. Do you like to play with your food? If so, what are 3 ways you play with your food? (like shooting peas through a straw…) Not really. Playing with my food was never something I really did.

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