Thursday, January 30, 2003

Woody's World of Penis Euphemisms and
Muffy's World of Vagina Euphemisms- for when you need to find another term for your "sweet spot". ;-)

Ad related news
Advertising loses ring of confidence- This article takes a look at Australian advertising and the deteriorating quality of ads.

New advertising panel aims to be industry barometer- "The major research project will look at industry confidence at one of the most crucial times in recent media history as experts struggle to predict when the beleaguered advertising market will recover. A panel of professionals from agencies, media owners and advertisers will examine major topics - including industry confidence and brand reputation - for a series of quarterly studies.The research is aimed at providing advertisers with a comprehensive view of the media world, including how various sectors of the media are performing, as well as likely future trends."

Kmart sets ad blitz amid closings- "Discount retailer Kmart Corp. said Thursday it will give out coupon books worth $150 to draw customers to its remaining stores as it begins closing more than 300 outlets as part of its plan to emerge from bankruptcy."

Kellogg Hikes Price of Cereal- "While the increase on cereals such as Special K and Cocoa Krispies was prompted largely by higher commodity prices for wheat and cocoa that are likely to gobble up much of the profit margin, one food analyst said that Kellogg's decision will probably drive its marketing budget as well." (isn't cereal expensive enough as it is? $3.50- $4.00+ seems a lot to me).

Television shows are chum for advertising.- "Deep sea fishermen will throw small fish chunks and guts out the rear of their fishing vessel in an attempt to attract bigger game fish in a process called chumming, Runyeon explained. He said that's exactly what advertisers do with programming: throw chum to general audiences in the form of programming to attract them to actually view the commercials." Interesting article.

Reebok has a hard-hitting campaign on its hands- A look at the success of the "Terry Tate, Office Linebacker" spot.

Telemarketers Sue to Stop Do-Not-Call List - "Telemarketers went to court on Wednesday in an attempt to stop the U.S. government from setting up a proposed "do not call" list that would help consumers block unwanted sales calls. Four telemarketing companies and a trade group filed suit in federal court in Oklahoma City to stop the Federal Trade Commission from setting up a program that would allow consumers to place their names on a list of households that do not want to receive such calls." Oh *please*! This is so dumb. If their suit gets through, it will be a sign of the apocalypse or something.

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