Thursday, January 16, 2003

Miller Lite "Cat fight" ad gets some people upset. "Every time I see it, I cringe," says Laura Ries, an image guru. "It's explicit. It's degrading. It has no real message, except all men are idiots and all they think about are girls mud wrestling." "Miller executives say the spot is a hit with its target audience: 21-to-31-year-old beer drinkers. "They see it for what it is: a hysterical insight into guys' mentality," says Tom Bick, Miller Lite brand manager. "It's really a lighthearted spoof of guys' fantasies." " I actually thing it's a very good commerical. It ties together the old campaign of "tastes great. less filling." to their new ad campaign. And since it is what some guy is saying would be a great commerical...that's what guys are like. They say and think things like that. People need to calm down.

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