Thursday, January 16, 2003

Thurs Thumb Twiddler
1. Hanging out with your boss and co-workers, you're made very uncomfortable by some of the sexist humor being bandied about. What do you do? Honestly I'm not sure. I guess if it was just minor kinds of stuff I'd just walk away. If it was really offending me I'd tell them to stop or find someone to tell about it.
2. You are sure a neighbor child is being regularly abused by her parents, such that you worry for her health and life. The police and Child Protective Services are unable or unwilling to intervene. What would you do? Write an article for the local paper about abused children and put the truth out there. Beyond that I'd keep and eye on her and do what I could to help.
3. What modern invention would you most miss if it were removed from your life? My computer.

Thursday Threesome
Onesome: Health- Do any of your hopes for the New Year concern health issues? Well, I don't do resolutions, mostly because I never end up keeping up with them. I am working on eating better and that kind of thing.
Twosome: Wealth- What if you didn't have the ten million we were talking about last week on the Porch. What if you had an extra $100 dollars? Where would it go? Uh-uh! No necessities! You can only spend it frivolously! I'd probably go buy either some books or go get my hair done. Or shoes. Hmm tough choice!
Threesome: And Happiness- What would make you happy today? ...and not world peace, just something easy for you. Being called about a job. Or not finding my checking account as empty as I think it will be when I go to the bank.

3 for Thursday (#17):
1. What's the three worst times you've been sick (if you can remember). This would also include any hospitalization time you've had to endure. Last year I had a wicked throat thing. They said it wasn't mono but it was something like it. Couldn't eat or drink for days and it sucked. Years ago when I had a seizure...they did a spinal tap. I couldnt stand up for nearly a week because of the pressure change. It's not really being sick sick but it kept me off my feet for a while. And I guess the third would be a really nasty flu I had a while back. Really high fever and lots of nastiness.
2. What three things help to make you feel better when you're sick. My cat, sleep, and paddington bear. :)
3. What are 3 things/activities you would call in sick for when you're not really sick? My sanity, family visiting in town, or hmm, can't think of a 3rd at the moment haha.
4. If you've ever faked sick to get out of something, what are 3 illnesses you claim? Usually it's either a cold or sinus problems.

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