Friday, March 14, 2003

Catching up
Thursday Thumb-Twiddler
1. When someone complements you, do you usually accept it, or suggest that you don't really deserve it? I used to not accept it but now I do.
2. Would you rather be overdressed for a social occasion (a party, let's say), or underdressed? Overdressed. Although I guess sometimes being way too overdressed can be worse than being slightly underdressed.
3. A cop pulls you over, and is going to write you a $100 speeding ticket. If he indicated that if you slipped him $50 in cash, he'd give you a pass, would you do so? Would it make any difference whether you'd actually been speeding or not? I'd take the ticket and then report him to his captain.

Thursday Threesome
Onesome: Blue- Mac brought color into the scheme of computer things. What color would your computer be if they offered custom colors for PC or Mac? Purple and silver.
Twosome: Screen- Hey how about a quick survey? What type of screen are you running, CRT or LCD? ...and what size screen would that be? Uh-huh, and that would be at what resolution? Designing minds want to know... Hehehe. I think I've got an LCD at 15 inches or something. No clue on the resolution.
Threesome: of Death- Have you ever had a catastrophic computer crash? Could it be revived or did you have to pronounce it dead? Yes. It required professional help but it got back to normal. Although it wasn't as much of a crash as it just wouldn't turn on.

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