Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Found news bits
McDonalds goes wireless- Soon at McDonalds in NY, Chicago and a town in CA, you will be able to surf the net for free if you purchase a combo meal. Time limit is one hour. As the article says if you want more time, you can purchase it for $3/hr or just buy another combo meal. So much for not trying to fatten up the population.

Some parodies of the government's new terrorist advise art -Some of the captions are pretty witty. (found via popculturejunkmail)

Didn't you always want a talking washing machine? "A German company has built the world's first washing machine that talks and recognises spoken commands.The machine introduces itself to users as "Hermine". Speech recognition software allows it to understand even complex commands like: "Pre-wash, then a hot wash at 95 degrees, spin at 1400 rotations, and start in half an hour."

Cover up that baby stink - "A Swedish company is launching a perfume for babies that sells for more than £38 a bottle. Landstrom Trading in Gothenburg says it's confident Baby Touch will become a best seller. Health officials in Sweden are advising mothers non-perfumed products are better for babies."

A limit on advertising during the possible war with Iraq- The Procter & Gamble Co., one of the nation's largest advertisers, says it will not place ads on major broadcast networks during the first 48 hours of a war with Iraq.

Memes for a cold Tuesday
Tuesday Too
1.) What's your take on this article from the New York Times today?
I can't view the article because I'm too lazy to sign up for access. I think it's annoying that if it's free to sign up why do you have to do so in the first place to view their articles? Silly NYT.
2.) Network television is swimming in "reality" shows. You are the creator of the latest show to hit the circuit. Give a brief description of your show. Sarcasm welcomed.
Ugh, I really hate the "reality shows". I can't think of something that would be even remotely funny right now. I need more coffee.
3.) What do you really wish you were doing today? Working.

This or That Tuesday
1. Married or single? Single but attached.
2. Knit or crochet? Knit. But I only know how to do that marginally better than crocheting.
3. Homebody or world traveller? Little bit of both.
4. "Star Search" or "American Idol"? Um, I'll go with Star Search.
5. Dancing or karaoke? Dancing.
6. Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello? Costello.
7. Bus or train? Train.
8. Batman or Superman? Batman- he has more cool gadgets.
9. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.
10. Which came first...the chicken or the egg? I wish I knew!

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