Friday, March 21, 2003

It's all ad to me
New survey causes women to question images in advertising- The survey shows that women are consciously avoiding brands that unrealistically portray images of women in their advertising.

War threatens recovering advertising industry- " The war presents a minefield for advertisers. Media buyers say their clients are reluctant to purchase advertising space in newspapers and newsmagazines, which are expected to devote many pages to war coverage. Similarly, advertisers are avoiding television news programming, which likely will be dominated by footage from the front lines in the coming days."

"When war erupts, some companies shift advertising campaigns"- A look at how some companies are changing their advertising. Some switch channels, some put it on hold, while others just change the message and creative.

"War Underway, Online Ad Industry Treads Carefully"- "With visitors streaming to the Web for information about such a serious and grim matter, online publishers have been left with a dilemma: Ads on television news automatically get pulled during war coverage, but Web ads have a different relationship with the content, running alongside, rather than interrupting, it. Still, the potential of offending already tense viewers has led most news sites to impose a short-term moratorium on ads running near war-related stories. At, the site stripped ads from the site on Wednesday, after the war officially began, for an initial 48-hour period. Likewise, and Yahoo! News have pulled advertising from their war stories. At, in the site's special section, "A Nation at War," advertising has been pulled., however, has not adopted any hard-and-fast rule, choosing instead to work with individual advertisers to suit their needs."

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