Saturday, March 22, 2003

Avoiding work
I have a pile of things on my desk to take care of but I'm lacking motivation to get them done. Blah. I need to go run an errand too, but, that also isn't getting me moving. It's one of those mornings I think. It's grey out and that never helps. Although it isn't freezing out for a change which is nice :)

Saturday memes
Saturday Scruples
1. As a waitress, you win $10 million from a lottery ticket you received as a tip. Normally tips are pooled but you kept this one. Do you share the money? No. Although I'd by my fellow workers something nice.
2. Your dad's dying wish is to be buried in his homland. The expense will take most of your inheritance. Do you obey the request? Yes.
3. You own a supermarket. Genetically altered fruits and vegetables are popular but no one knows for sure if the are safe. Do you sell them? I would but I'd mark them as such, as well as selling organic and regular fruits and veggies.

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