Monday, March 31, 2003

News gathered around the net
Sex, Crackers and Subliminal Ads is an article from that takes a look at subliminal advertising and some of it's history.

Effective ad is about consumers- this article gets some of it right but I have arguements against some of the points they bring up.

To survive, big-time brands have to be different. Well, duh. Although it seems many of the top execs fail to realize this most basic understanding of marketing and advertising. And it's not just true for big-time brands either, unless you have no competitors.

Geraldo Rivera pulled out from Iraq?- Apparently he gave away military info that he shouldn't have during one of his reports. But there's conflicting information because a A U.S. Central Command official said, "He is being pulled. He just doesn't know it yet. He has not gotten the word." Another journalist, Peter Arnett, has been kicked out of Iraq. He gave an interview to Iraqi TV which was deemed inappropriate. He was also fired and will no longer be reporting for MSNBC,NBC, or National Geographic.

Jesse Jackson to help find missing reporters- Relatives of Newsday correspondent Matthew McAllester and photographer Moises Saman, asked Jackson on Sunday to help locate the two men. Molly Bingham, a freelance photographer from Louisville, Kentucky., and Danish freelance photographer Johan Rydeng Spanner also are unaccounted for in Iraq.

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