Tuesday, April 01, 2003

April Fools
From the National Archives of Scotland- The document explains, in considerable detail,how a soldier on parade should go about blowing his nose.

This or That Tuesday (It's moved to This or That- I need to update my links - I just spend too long fixing my template after it got fucked up by B. Grrr.)
1. The Bogey-Man or Henry Kissinger? Bogey-Man
2. Whips 'n chains or soft ropes with furbound cuffs? Soft and furbound!
3. Fish sticks or Amazon.com? Amazon.com!
4. Whitewall tires or color TV? Color TV- what are whitewall tires?
5. Leather or lace? Hmm, lace I guess. It's less sweaty...or is it ;o)
6. Abraham Lincoln or leftover turkey? Lincoln
7. Movable Type or Star Trek? Star Trek- never used MT or haven't yet.
8. Happy Happy Joy Joy or Bounce Bounce Bounce like Tigger? Bounce Bounce Bounce!!!! Tigger kicks ass!
9. The Michelin Man or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? Stay-Puft!
10. Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: If you HAD to marry one of the talking M&M's in the TV commercials, would it be the red one or the yellow one? Why? The yellow one- Red is way too pushy.

I have to go back and finish fixing stuff. Grrr. So very annoyed. This rabbit ain't happy.

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