Monday, March 17, 2003

Some news
Generic ad study of the Orange juice industry- Apparently generic advertising for the whole category does better than branded advertising for specific companies. Interesting.

Why Marketing People Get It Wrong- Al Ries looks at the fact that many advertisers are missing the idea of product branding and some of the basics that we learned at the beginning. I don't think he's all that far off on this comment. Although I would say that advertising is also about communicating a mesesage. But it also does need to be used to carve out the niche for what your company stands for and to show why it's better or just different from the competition.

Food companies to go head to head against the Atkins diet- " So, with only a slender budget to try to counter the Atkins phenomenon, the Wheat Foods Council is aiming its "educational campaign" at nutritionists and the medical community. The strategy is a direct attack on Atkins: Americans who follow the Atkins diet increase their risk of health problems that include cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, kidney damage and some cancers, the Wheat Foods Council says."

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