Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Taking questions
This or That Tuesday
1. Cold frosty ski slopes or warm sandy beach? Beach.
2. Chevy or Ford? Um, Ford I guess.
3. Mac or PC? Mac.
4. Dial-up or high speed internet access? High speed internet.
5. Small *family-only* wedding or large 200+ guest wedding? Small family wedding but that could be nearly 200.
6. Would you rather be the bridesmaid or the bride? (if you are a guy, substitute best man or groom) the bridesmaid.
7. AC/DC or ABBA? I like them about the same...but I'll go with AC/DC
8. Roses or daisies? Roses
9. Trashy romance novels or classic literature? Classic literature.
10. NEW! Thought-provoking question of the week...If you had to choose one...would you rather be blind or deaf? Why? Ack. What a tough question. I guess deaf.

Tuesday Too
1.) Where do you stand on the eve of war, and why? If you wrote about this already, point to your post. I would say I'm still undecided as to whether this is a good idea or not. The US already has so many people who think it is a bully and sticks its nose where it doesn't belong. Ignoring the UN and Security Council is definitely not going to help that. There's a part of me that sees there are massive problems going on in the US that aren't being dealt with, and now that money will be funneled into fighting a war, and rebuilding another country. In many ways this pisses me off. As one comedian said, "Operation Ignore the Economy", which doesn't seem too far off. The other factor that has me worried is the fact that the US doesn't do well when it gets involved in other's civil wars. And a civil war is a very likely possibility after Sadaam is taken out. I really hope that there is someone out there thinking about what to do afterwards, or how they will handle it.
2.) Has your position caused arguments with friends or family? No.
3.) Is there some other issue that has you grinding your teeth? What is it? The economy and status of the job market. But then again that's nothing new.

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