Monday, March 10, 2003

Unable to think of a witty title
Monday Memories - The Icecream Man
Do you have an icecream man? Do you remember the icecream man from your childhood?Share an icecream story, please.
We didn't have an ice cream man in the neighborhoods that I've lived in but, when I was in elementary school, there was an ice cream truck that would come by after school. I rarely got ice cream. Usually I tended to go for candy.

Monday Mission
1. What is the most boring project you have ever had to do? Putting papers in files. It was a temp job that was extremely boring. Although I got to practice my alphabet ;o)
2. If you could be anyone or anything you wish, who or what would you want to be? Why? I'd like to be me but have a job in advertising again and be successful at it. Hopefully that will happen in the not too far future.
3. What is one thing you refuse to ever put in your mouth? Buffalo oysters.
4.If you could film a documentary about yourself and have yourself followed for 1 day, what would that day look like? And why? Um, it would probably be very boring at this time.
5. What is the longest distance you have ever traveled to meet someone for the first time (blind date, blogger meet-up, etc). Was it worth the trip? I don't know. I flew to London and met some friends for the first time although that wasn't the only reason for the trip but, I guess it could count.
6. What do people usually assume about you that isn't true? I don't know. They don't say what it is.
7. What are you craving for lunch today? Something healthy like a salad.
BONUS: Take a look at me, tell me do you like what you see? Sure.

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