Saturday, April 12, 2003

A rainy Saturday
Saturday Scruples
1. You're late for a meeting but you path is blocked by an endless funeral procession. You see a gap. Do you dart through it? No. It's just a meeting. Disrespecting the dead is very bad karma.
2. The teacher asks if you wrote your son's history essay. Your son claimed he did it but the teacher's right. Do you admit it? I'd say I helped him but didn't write the whole thing.
3. The only other occupants of the sauna are an attractive young couple giving each other a massage. They offer to include you. Do you accept? No.

Past, Present, Future
PAST: When we're kids we want to be noticed, adored, and most of all, world-famous. What crazy, improbable scheme did you plan to ride to the top? At one point I had wanted to be an actress.
PRESENT: What would you like to be famous for now? Creating effective and ground-breaking advertising.
FUTURE: The eyes of the world are upon you as you stand, award clasped to your chest, before the cameras. Who, in your acceptance speech, do you thank? My parents, my family, my friends and my teachers/mentors.

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