Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Remember the Snorks? No? Well here's a summary.

How many socks have you worn in your lifetime? Apparently I have worn approximately 6500 pairs of socks, and owned approximately 750 pairs of socks. Who knew? (and really, who cared! *hah*) (via popculturejunkmail)

Heinz suspends advertising in 'five portions a day' row- "Heinz has suspended advertising for one of its products until clarification about how much it contributes to the recommended daily five portions of fruit or vegetables.It follows a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which highlighted a discrepancy over the correct number of portions in Heinz tomato soup."

Court Rejects Cleveland Billboard Ad Ban- "A U.S. Appeals court today rejected Cleveland's attempt to revive an ordinance that bars alcohol marketers from advertising on the city's billboards because they could be seen by children."

2003 Adage Agency Report is out. "The U.S. ad business barely averted a second consecutive year of decline by eking out 0.6% growth in advertising." Not the best news, but it could be worse.

Whoops! Posters promoting next week's Welsh Assembly elections were put up in Scotland's capital. Talk about a "slight" problem!

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