Monday, April 07, 2003

You're never there..
It's Hypernova, baby- "Two billion years ago, in a far-away galaxy, a giant star exploded, releasing almost unbelievable amounts of energy as it collapsed to a black hole. The light from that explosion finally reached Earth at 6:37 a.m. EST on March 29, igniting a frenzy of activity among astronomers worldwide. This phenomenon has been called a hypernova, playing on the name of the supernova events that mark the violent end of massive stars. During the first minute after the explosion it emitted energy at a rate more than a million times the combined output of all the stars in the Milky Way. If you concentrated all the energy that the sun will put out over its entire 9 billion-year life into a tenth of a second, then you would have some idea of the brightness."

PromoGuy's Monday Mission
1. Would you rather impress or influence others? Why? Which do you tend to do more than the other? I think impress. Too much reponsibility in influencing others. I think I tend to impress more than influence.
2. Are you able to admit your weaknesses to others? How do you handle your weaknesses (Can you accept them and see them as a strength? (Do you strive to overcome them? etc.) Most of them. I'm still working on that a bit though. Some of them I have come ot accept, others I'm working on trying to change.
3. How do you react when you are bossed around, treated as inferior or taken advantage of? I get angry. If I can change the situation I will try.
4. Do you live your life to meet your own needs, or do you live to meet the needs of others? Why? I think I do a bit of both. You have to have balance.
5. This is your Mission on Mondays, but what is your mission in life? To rule the universe! hah..actually I don't know if that has been made clear yet.
6. Can you focus on your goals and achieve them, or are you sidetracked by minor distractions along the way? Depending on the project, and how much I want to get it done, I can go through and get it done or become easily distracted.
7. When was the last time you cried? What were you feeling at that moment (anger, sadness, etc.)? Last week. I was feeling sad.
BONUS: Who can it be knocking at my door? Must be those crazy Men at Work ;o)

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