Thursday, May 15, 2003

I wanna get lost in your rock n' roll
Thursday Threesome ::Quick as Can Be!::
Onesome: Quick as- Quickly now, June is almost here: are you attending any graduation ceremonies in the next few weeks? Hmmm... Maybe that should be "Have you been invited to any?" Yeah...two.
Twosome: Can- Still moving right along: Can it really be the Merry Month of May? How many birthdays do you have to remember this month? Family? Friends? Associates? Just one. And it's next week and I already sent a card out- so no more until later in June I think.
Threesome: Be(e)- Be ready, the bug population is starting to be a bother (at least from blog reports). Is there any particular crawly or flying beastie that just makes you jump out of your skin? Ticks. Nasty things they are. Roaches and that kind of thing gross me out too. We've got some spiders but they aren't a big deal to me.

3 for Thursday - Fun and Sun
1. What are 3 things you're looking forward to this summer? The beach, getting some sun, and hopefully having my brother come visit.
2. What are 3 things you're not looking forward to? The humidity, the humidity, and the humidity!!
3. What are your 3 top vacation spots you'd like to visit? England, Amsterdam, New Zealand.
BONUS: Will you be taking a vacation this year? If so where? Dunno yet.

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