Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Lunar Eclipse
Tomorrow look out for the Lunar Eclipse! Starting the evening of May 15th and continuing into the early morning of May 16th depending on your location. For exact (or nearly) times of phases check out the minute by minute guide. "During totality, although the Moon will be entirely immersed in the Earth’s shadow, it likely will not disappear from sight. Rather, it should appear to turn a coppery red color, a change caused by the Earth's atmosphere bending or refracting sunlight into the shadow." Hopefully we'll have clear skys for an unobstructed view!
Interesting fact on upcoming lunar eclipses is that there will be an unusual number of them in the next 18 months...Usually the lunar eclipses appear in clusters of two or three during a 12-18 month span with a couple years between each set. But between March 15, 2003 and October 24, 2004 there are going to be four- three of which will be visible from the east coast...and then not one viewable until 2007! If you miss this one, there is another one in November this year. There's also an article which is interesting on the fear and awe of lunar eclipses in the past.

NASA has a new site up and running. Looks nice. A big change from what they had up before. Daily images are added to the Image Gallery. Some very cool stuff there. Plus loads of other neat things. Think I'll spend some time checking it out.

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