Saturday, June 14, 2003

Last train to Clarksville
Shizzolate your site- It's dang funny. Here's what it does to this site. Try it on your own!

Why Friday the 13th is Unlucky- should have posted this up yesterday but...oh well. ;-)

Wrigley patents anti-impotence gum- I find this to be very amsuing. "Wrigley scored the patent, No. 6,531,114, in March for a chewing gum that delivers a dose of sildenafil citrate, the chemical name for Pfizer Corp.’s Viagra. In the government document which was filed in 2000, Wrigley researchers said the gum would provide “an improved dosage form and method of treating erectile dysfunction.” The gum could be used by patients suffering from weak stomachs or swallowing disorders such as disphagia, according to the patent. Upset stomach is one of the side effects of taking Viagra."
There is something unfunny about this though, and that's that the government is giving funding to this when there are a slew of other things that the money should/needs to be going to. Like education and other more important medical research!

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