Saturday, June 14, 2003

This and that and the other thing
Ads to watch for at Cannes Lions this year, according to Shoot Magazine.

Origin of the Aflack Duck- The AFLAC duck now ranks as one of the most successful advertising icons of the last decade. So the next task is keeping it that way. You know, ducky. (via clay at

Will Woody bring peace between the US and France? - In an advert for the French Tourist Board he asks his fellow Americans to "forget about our differences."
Anyone else think Woody is an odd choice? It would be one thing if the ads were running in France, but Stateside, he's not all that popular or as respected since marrying his adopted daughter.

Tooheys cops a lickin' - "The Advertising Standards Board has received complaints about the new television commercial for Lion Nathan brand Tooheys Extra Dry which features a beer-fetching disembodied tongue. The ASB would not disclose how many complaints it had received about the ad, nor when the board would meet to discuss the complaints."

Lego Astronauts- an astrobot diary- "A new breed of explorer is on board the two Mars Exploration Rover spacecraft—Astrobots Biff Starling and SandyMoondust are part of The Planetary Society Astrobot Corps. Biff and Sandy are LEGO® minifigure representations suited up for space. They appear on each of the DVDs on the MER spacecraft. Their job: tell their stories to the world through a series of entertaining, fun, online communications. (On the site you'll find) e-mails between Astrobot explorers on board the Mars Exploration Rover mission. We rejoin the story a little over four minutes after Biff Starling's launch, with Biff Starling on board and Sandy Moondust in mission control waiting her turn two and a half weeks later."

Barq's brings out a new product - The article also takes an interesting look at launching regional products that play off the strength of an existing brand,which is what Barq will be doing. 

Aquatris - It's like Tetris, but underwater. (via

Can you find these people a job? - A silly game where you fling people at a building to get them a job. I like when you miss and they go kerspat! hehe. (via

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