Thursday, July 17, 2003

Catching up with some posts

A helfpful graphic ;-) and some cool five-line art.(via dabitch)

This isn't a bad idea really- "Vietnam has prohibited commercials for condoms, sanitary napkins and toilet paper from being aired during evening mealtimes, saying they offend cultural sensitivities and traditions, state-controlled media reported Wednesday."

Fun on the washing machine sells phones. Does your phone vibrate?

Very cool snowflake pictures upclose. (via dab)

Bud teams up with Williams-BMW Formula One team- "It's the worldwide audience Budweiser is actually after, said Anheuser-Busch vice president Tony Ponturo. The company will begin advertising immediately, promoting Budweiser with a "very high-end sophisticated image'' as an American import." Very high-end spohsticated??? Huh? It's there any bit of this sort of image of the product in other countries? Do you think they can pull this off?

Here you'll find some interesting Red Stripe ads.

Beer news- "On Wednesday, Miller Brewing Co., now part of SABMiller, lowered the boom on J. Walter Thompson/Chicago, dropping the shop from its agency roster. A Miller spokeswoman declined comment, but a JWT spokesman wished Miller well and described the development as a 'mutual parting of the ways as Miller shifts its focus to Brand Miller.' " For some reason I don't find this all that surprising.

New PETA campaign bothers me. Why can't they stop with the extreme ads and all? Enough already.

"The Coca-Cola Co., is seeking creative ideas on its estimated $45 million Sprite account from roster and non-roster shops, the client confirmed. The Atlanta-based client said it is considering incumbent WPP Group agency Ogilvy & Mather in New York, independents Modernista! in Boston, and DiNoto in New York, as well as roster shop Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore. (which handles Powerade), and two undisclosed shops." Come on local shops!!

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