Friday, July 18, 2003

Start the day right
New kind of painted cow- a spray painted one. Interesting I suppose, but a little odd as well. "One of the UK's most feted underground artists, Banksy, has launched a rare exhibition featuring live cows, sheep and pigs."

Go to a random blog hosted on blogger. I should put this over in the linky area.

Viagra rival signs NFL deal - "Marketing experts say that men relate to sports figures, making them effective promotional tools. 'They lend instant credibility to the product," said Michael Kelley, managing director for the New York office of Relay Sports and Event Marketing, which is part of Publicis, the ad agency. "I don't think their primary goal is getting men to go to the doctor. It's about selling their product.' "

"Last summer, Apple Computer began airing the TV commercials that were supposed to chip away at Microsoft's empire and sell more of its underdog Mac computers. There was the girl who switched to a Mac after her Windows computer ate her homework, the daughter who used her Apple laptop to rescue digital photos on Christmas. With a year's worth of sales numbers under their belts, three major market research firms show roughly the same thing -- Cupertino-based Apple is holding its ground, but the only PC company attracting a lot of switchers is Dell Computer." I wonder if it's due to the price difference between the two. Hmmm.

New Heineken ad to break Monday is "a joint venture between Publicis/New York and Vigilante/New York, "Rooftop" does two things remarkably well in a mere 30 seconds. It wickedly skewers the thousands of commercials that over time have trotted out voluptuous vixens and horny guys in the name of selling this or that brew. And "Rooftop" also simply and unaffectedly points out that good beer is really about people getting together and sharing simple good times."

Models submit suit against agency commissions. "America's top model agencies may be forced to pay their models millions of dollars in damages as the result of a class-action case accusing them of fixing charges for all but the most famous."

This image from is just too cute. I wish they had TB on their posts so that I could link to's cute.

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