Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Doesn't amount to a hill o' beans
What a bummer. I missed the SCAA and it looks like it was a crazy time. Found the info at coffeegeek.com, a site with all kinds of goodies to drool over!
There's some more coffee sites I should probably add to my list on the side over yonder like Coffeekid.com and wholelattelove.com and freshcup.com.

Update on Juan Valdez ad campaign to break in September. "The $9 million media blitz will coincide with the slated September launch of Colombia's first gourmet coffee shop abroad, in New York City. There, coffee aficionados will be able to snap up premium beans as wells as T-shirts and coffee cups bearing Valdez' mustachioed grin." Now I would love to get one of them funky coffee cups with Senor Valdez on it. I wonder if his burro will appear on them as well. Snazzy stuff and good marketing too, since that kitchy kind of stuff is always great.

Play tennis as Shakespeare, John Lennon, or Queen Victoria over at the BBC site. Sweetness! (via Very Big Blog)

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