Friday, July 18, 2003

Get it on bang a gong

A purple polar bear? Yup, in Argentina.

Mouse Art- No not Mickey...but computer mice. Neat.

Virtual Bubblewrap- pop...pop...pop!

BananaSlug is a site to get you to see sites you might not have found otherwise. You enter a search term, then click on a category that adds a randomly chosen word to your search. Neato beato.

Apple iPod and VW Beetle Unite. "The video on Apple's Web site is part of a larger promotion that runs through the end of September. The "Pods Unite" promotion will be highlighted in newspaper, television and radio advertising nationally and locally, and iPod kiosks will be presented in VW dealerships around the US. VW buyers who purchase the new Beetle will get a 15GB iPod and a connectivity kit to enable their new car's soundsystem to play the music they store on their iPod. The combination is valued at about US$600, according to a statement released earlier this week." That's pretty cool. Now, if only I could afford a new VW. :-)

A nice article on not letting award shows run your life as a creative in the ad biz. "We easily become spoiled in this industry. We forget how fortunate we are, even if we don’t win awards. Both my parents are librarians. They’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending their days around their passions: books and reading. And I’m pretty sure they’ve never won best of show at the Dewey Decimal Festival."

Advertisers finding truth a good tactic- "Jaded consumers no longer believe slick advertising campaigns and marketing must now focus on providing evidence of the product's worth. That conclusion has come from advertising agency FCB, which completed a worldwide survey and found consumers have largely dumped the timeless trust once enjoyed by brands."

Nowadays, lurking in the shadowy periphery of creative departments is an increasing number of experienced, talented writers, art directors and strategists who have chosen to freelance. Not because they can't cut it - because they're very good at what they do. And smart agencies use this to their advantage."

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