Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I was dosed by you
First there was the ads for the beef industry. Then the milk, pork, cheese, and orange juice industries. Should we be all that surprised that the grapefruit industry has joined in? "Out with the stodgy image of grapefruit juice. In with 'Sass in a Glass.' That's the theme of an upcoming $3 million media campaign from the Florida Department of Citrus, aimed at convincing active women ages 21 to 44 that grapefruit juice isn't just their grandparents' drink any more. Commercials expected to begin airing this fall on hip cable networks such as E! and VH1 depict young women drinking grapefruit juice while engaged in various assertive acts, such as kung-fu kicking an elevator button with a spiked heel."
Sounds a bit to me like the feminine hygiene ads. They'll be wearing white trousers and jumping all around, riding bikes, and spinning in fields.

UGH! As if McDonald's new tagline "I'm lovin' it" isn't bad enough, they are just about to sign Justin Timberlake...who will possibly be singing the new jingle. The new campaign is being kept in secrecy and won't be unveiled until September.

Scrapbooking is the new hot trend. Funky.

Telemarketers are suing the FCC over the Do Not Call List, which now includes about 17 million names. ""Unfortunately, the FCC ignored its obligations under the federal law and the Constitution to carefully balance the privacy interests of consumers with the First Amendment rights of legitimate telemarketers." The ATA estimated that implementation of a national "Do Not Call" list will cost the US economy "up to two million jobs in an industry that produces over $660 billion of sales per year".

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