Thursday, July 10, 2003

Mid-day things
Young Gun Awards are taking entries. They even have a bottom drawer award for those ads that never got to make it to production. Wonder if that is a new category. I wish I had known about this awards show before, when I had a job and work that met the qualifications. Bummer man. I've got a few more years yet, before I'm not eligable though, so, *fingers crossed* ;-)

Sadder news is that there doesn't seem to be any new business coming this way for agencies. Normally I suppose it wouldn't matter as much as it does now, with the state of the economy and all that. This area needs to try to get new business and new accounts in order to help fix the economy and get jobs to the masses of unemployed creatives and other ad/marketing professionals. Looking at the list of account action on adweek and adage, there are no local agencies in the reviews. There was one but they got knocked out of the running recently. But that was it. Unless they are undisclosed contenders...but, it'd be nice to see that the new biz guys are doing their jobs. Heck, if they aren't getting the agencies into pitches, they should be fired and someone better should be found. Part of the reason for the state of unemployment in the industry in this area is that accounts have moved away from the area, and no new ones have come in to fill their place. I can't be the only worrying about this but, it feels like I am. Especially since the market here was hit first and rather hard due to the technology bubble bursting.
Update: There appear to be a few. I missed this link on adweek. But overall there still is a lack in activity in the new biz department.

Sweet! The Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products!! Brilliant. (via milkandcookies)

Useful info on border slants.

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