Friday, July 11, 2003

Space, ads, and the kitchen sink
Ancient and most distant planet discovered!- "Prospects for extraterrestrial life soared yesterday with the discovery of a "Methuselah" planet twice as old and 25 times farther away than any of the 110-plus planets so far found in our Milky Way galaxy. It lies in a stellar region dated at 13 billion years, only a billion years younger than the Big Bang that created the universe." This is very cool news. Also found this bit of information regarding some doubts of the claim had by a few people.
Moon/Mars eclipse will occur in the after-midnight hours of Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, July 16-17 when the Moon will appear very close to the now-brilliant planet Mars.

Branding for Life- "The Edinburgh Consultancy, which, although a tiny company, is one of the flag-bearers in the global "experiential" marketing sector. The aim of such marketing is to take brand consumers and turn them into brand ambassadors by inviting them to deepen their relationship by tapping into the story and cementing their emotional values with the brand."

Why online ads do not work- "Admiring a British Gas advert on a showcase website is like reading an advertising magazine or going along to an awards ceremony. You see the work in isolation, and look at it carefully, having decided to spend the time doing so. But when I am online, looking for information, reading the news or simply surfing around aimlessly, the ads are in the way and I block them out."

Another book slams advertising and says if your ad agency enters any award show you should fire them. Because apparently to him, advertising is all about selling. Hmm.

"Featuring cocktail recipes in new Absolut ads is a first for the 24-year-old print campaign, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day in New York. But "it's not like shifting gears," said Patrick O'Neill, group creative director at the New York agency. "It's continuing to add a dimension to a campaign that's exciting." The print campaign has featured writers, designers and artists renderings of the iconic bottle in the past."

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