Tuesday, August 05, 2003

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London Underground and Transport for London launched a joint TV ad campaign at the end of July to remind Londoners of one of the quickest and most convenient ways to enjoy the many and diverse attractions available in their world class city. "It’s easy to forget what is so readily accessible on our own doorstep. People travel from all over the world to visit these wonderful places while for us they are just a Tube ride away," said LU marketing spokesman Paul Amlani-Hatcher. At present just 15pc of Tube passengers account for 60pc of journeys, so the priority is to fill the thousands of seats that remain empty outside the daily rush hour. Ken Livingstone, London's mayor, recently assumed control of London Underground along with Transport for London. TFL says the campaign has been two years in development and its timing has nothing to do with this change.
Links have images of the campaign for those of you who want to see.
Related link: Advertising on the London Underground- has some interesting stuff to stare at.

Brand Messages and Loyal Viewers- Research undertaken by Interpublic Group's Initiative Media and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that "engaged audiences" (comprising viewers who are devoted to a particular TV show) make especially receptive targets for marketers' messages. For example, for respondents who try "never to miss a show" compared with "casual viewers," brand recall increased to 30 percent from 17 percent, and for viewers who watch the entire show comapred with those who "flip back and forth," brand recall jumped to 25 percent from 12 percent."

"Someone in the industry needs to lead the way by launching an all-new beer aimed at women - the world's first fem-ale," said Ms Waters, who was elected chairman of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) in April this year."

Personal Branding- How have you branded yourself? Can you change it...or do you even care?

New ads show bad habits hurt babies. It's a scene that seldom needs to be staged: Two women in jeans, puffing and sipping away in a crowded bar. But this time, it's staged. The two 20-something actresses are players in a local commercial that will begin airing in late summer with a warning to women of childbearing age: Prepare your body for pregnancy even if you aren't planning one. That means giving up cigarettes and alcohol, two habits that present well known but commonly ignored risks to a fetus, said Penny Womeldorff, director of the Healthy Start program at West Virginia University. Womeldorff and her staff have tried to educate women through family planning clinics, but mainly found people who were trying to prevent a pregnancy, not plan one." Um, yeah. Whatever. If they are talking childbearing age...that starts at like 13 or something doesn't it? Although I guess they wouldn't be drinking (legally). Still. Get out of my face dammit.

Arrogant at Fallon?- "In the shadow of this giant lay the rest of the Twin Cities ad agencies. Executives at those firms recognize Fallon's contributions to this market's visibity and respect the agency's work, but the adoration is tinged with accusations of aloofness and arrogance. Local leaders say Fallon has been so focused on polishing its national image for the past decade, it has failed to invest in the local marketing communications industry."

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