Tuesday, August 05, 2003

There there, here here
A row has broken out between Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile and the Times over the newspaper's refusal to run an advertisement attacking Orange after its rival bought out all the advertising space in Friday's edition of the paper. The decision to dump the ad, which was slated to appear the day after Orange's sponsored edition of the paper, has prompted Virgin to withdraw all future advertising worth several million pounds.

Stefano Hatfield has some great points. Funny that many don't seem to see what seems so logical. This morning I caught part of a KFC ad. They just used the old footage they had with Mr. Alexander edited out. Splice. Dice. Reuse. Repeat.

USA Today takes a look at those awful Vegas ads. I guess I'm slightly jaded since I think of Vegas as a bit of a pit. Gambling, hookers, drugs, and endless buffets don't really appeal to me.

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