Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Life on Earth
Travel campagins are created to bring in new business, tourists, and generally promote an area. Apparently the "What happens here, stays here" ads for Las Vegas are discouraging people from moving to the area. "They had no idea there was anything else here except for what they were seeing on the ads, which obviously are very provocative," Hollingsworth said. "A few of them have said they don't think the ads are in the best of taste."

"A mysterious crate labeled "Wild Animals" and blasting out lions' roars in a German town had locals running scared and animal lovers up in arms before it was revealed as an advertising stunt, police said.
"The crate was right in the town center and people thought there were real lions inside," a spokesman for police in the southwestern town of Darmstadt said. "It was loud. A lot of people were really scared." Police came to investigate after two women complained about the treatment of the animals apparently locked in the crate.
Gingerly approaching the crate, they ventured a look through a slit in its side but, instead of discovering caged beasts angrily stalking in the container, they saw a promotional video for Land Rover vehicles intercut with shots of roaring lions."

Timex takes a lickin' and changes it's famous tagline for the worse. They've gone from a line "Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'" which is great and shows they make quality products to "Life is Ticking" which makes no sense and doesn't imply one thing about the company, product or type of consumers who buy it. Good god...there are people out there creating crap like this and I'm stuck working for piss poor pay writing cruise itineraries?!?!!? *sigh*

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