Monday, August 25, 2003

Twist of lemon
Advertisers have long been searching for the answer to what makes their consumers tick and how to get their message to be the most memorable and attractive. An article in Forbes by Melanie Wells called In Search of the Buy Button takes a look at the use of neuroscience by advertisers and market researchers.

Exerpt from the article: "So far, researchers are figuring out which brain states facilitate product recognition and choice; they're related to primal urges like those for power, sex and sustenance. As for brand loyalty, it turns out that memory and emotion play a big role.
'In the not-too-distant future, firms will be able to tell precisely if an advertising campaign or product redesign triggers the brain activity and neurochemical release associated with memory and action,' predicts James Bailey, professor of organizational behavior at George Washington University."
There's something somewhat freaky about this. I guess I find it interesting but at the same time it's disturbing too.

Who trademarked "22"? "No one has so far actually, but clothing retailer Hollister is suing rival chain American Eagle Outfitters for using the number "22" on their apparel." Gotta love these PR ploys. Whee.

AOL launches blog service in the hopes it will help save thier sinking ship. I wish them luck- they need it.

Check out the design gallery at There's some great stuff.

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