Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The Freshmaker

Mentos is launching its new packaging for Mentos mints with college football-themed television ads. The company will air 20 animated spots that feature Mentos marching out of their original roll packaging and into the new Mentos box. According to a news release, the mints march to the tune of some of the best-known football fight songs and marches. The ads were created by Cincinnati's Barefoot Advertising. View them here. (bottom of the page).
Mentos "game" is actually more of a movie short. Strange.
New Mentos commercials- only one at the moment, but looks like there will be more. Mentos is also calling itself the Offical Chewy Mint of the California Recall Election. "Since Mentos helps liberate fresh ideas, California’s Governor Gray Davis and all the declared candidates taking part in the October 7 recall process are receiving a selection of Mentos in the hope that hundreds of fresh ideas will be liberated and the State can look forward to a bright future."

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