Wednesday, September 17, 2003

No more eroticism

Brazil is to ban the "use of eroticism" in alcoholic drinks advertising, according to Brazil's independent advertising industry regulator Conar. A spokesman for Conar said yesterday that these new guidelines will also include regulations that state that any ads that run between 6 am and 9:30 pm should avoid symbols that might be attractive to youngsters, such as cartoon characters. Those people featuring in the advertising must also be and appear over 25 years old. The use of scantily clad women and cartoon characters are fairly routine in Brazil's alcohol advertising. Conar said the new rules would come into effect in 30 days for outdoor adverts, 60 days for print media, and three months for radio and television."
Is this going to be the first of a trend that will be global? It's an interesting step at least.

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