Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Random bits
Vote for your favorite BBC comedy show in the upcoming year. The top 100 are listed with blurbs about the show.

Crazy list of toys and games from a variety of fast food places. Includes ad icons, like the Noid!

Advertising board games! Scary. I had no idea so many advertisers made games.

unconsious mutterings - I say … and you think … ?
Bookends:: Twins
Compliment:: good
Gutter:: Ball
Obsession:: Addiction
Heavy:: Big
Real:: True
Disposable:: Camera
Breeze:: Cool
Work:: Annoying
Sweetheart:: Sexy

Far out
Singing black holes- "Astronomers were not surprised to find the supermassive black hole making a strong sub-bass sound. Though these greatest known matter sinks are by nature dark and invisible, they create bright and chaotic environments in which many forms of radiation -- from radio waves to visible light to X-rays -- have been recorded. These electromagnetic waves all travel at the speed of light."

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