Saturday, December 20, 2003

I'm copulatin' it

Someone please stop McDonalds from airing anymore of their horrible horrible commericals. If I have to listen to some woman attempt to rap about fruitcake I think I might loose my marbles. This whole "I'm lovin' it" campaign sucks monkey asses. Someone needs to set McDonalds straight. The only people who are "lovin' it" are the agency that created this abomination of a campaign/concept, and Mcdonalds who bought it. Stop the madness, I say!

Milkman ad found by Dab. Funny. Gotta love the sheep. :D

Do you hate the H2? Then this site is for you.

Chock full o'Nuts now full of NYC flavor- The article contains one of the ads. "Each ad carries an appropriate caption. The meatpacker, with a stern look and surrounded by carcasses, is labeled "Chock full o'Attitude." A harried waitress in the diner is labeled "Chock full o'Strength." Boxers at Gleason's, striking poses, are labeled "Chock full o'Character." And the packed roller-coaster is labeled - what else? - "Chock full o'Nuts." "

Brand Republic's International Top Ten International ads:
1. Ikea - 'lamp'
2. General Electric/Dako - "suckling pig"
3. Saturn - "sheet metal"
4. Peugeot 206 - "the sculptor"
5. Nike - "stickman"
6. Parque de la Costa - "bird"
7. Nike - "before"
8. ESPN - "shelfballs/kiss the double"
9. Bud Light - "greeting cards"
10. Nike - "angry chicken"
Funny that a number of these didn't run in 2003. Although they did win awards in 2003, so maybe that's part of their way to pick the "best". But, still it would have been a best of 2002. *shrug*

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