Wednesday, December 03, 2003

This, that and the other

Trimmings for the Holidays - "Remington is reminding people about its new Bikini Trim & Shape product in the run-up to Christmas with a new festive print ad, building on the success of its racy launch advertising. The new ad, created by Grey London, shows a silhouette of a woman holding a piece of mistletoe, but where her pubic hair should be are the words "have a very merry Christmas". The ads will appear in the men's magazine FHM, targeting men who are shopping for their girlfriends and wives. It is the first time the product will be advertised in the men's press. As well as the new advertising, those who aren't fans of the au naturel look can check out the Remington Bikini site, for an advent calendar with a different example of festive pubic topiary for each day in the run-up to Christmas. There are also four e-postcards taking the concept further, with suggestions for interesting shapes that women could use the trimmer to create, and appropriate captions -- such as a shark fin and the caption "man eater". David Alberts, creative director of Grey London, said: "We are delighted to wrap up a very successful year for Grey and Remington with this stunning ad, which we hope will once again have set tongues wagging." The ad was written by Jimmy Blom and art direction was through J Marlow."

Hunting for the next cool in advertising.

Bustabutt for Virgin. (Via Dab.)

Helvetica vs. Arial- can you tell which is which? (Via Dab.)

Ikea "tidy up" ad (Via Dab.)

Is your site buzzword compliant? (Via Dab.)

The American Package Museum - fun. (Via Clay.)

It's Mr. Picasso Head  (flashy fun)

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