Friday, January 09, 2004

It's not always easy

Adland reports on a sticker stunt for a miniseries on USA Network. It's a lame attempt to try to do something "outrageous" and it falls flat. It's neither unique nor outrageous as they claim it to be. It's a sticker stunt, not an ad, and even the sticker is boring. Check out the comments on the post to see more and a brilliant use of a sticker on money done back in 1999.

TBWA is recruiting and apparently age doesn't matter. It's a great spot. I love that the kid's toy car has an alarm on it.

O&M exes are up a creek according to this adage article:
"Thomas Early, until today a senior partner and director of finance at Ogilvy until he resigned, and Shona Seifert, a former senior partner and executive group director, entered their pleas in the chambers of U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman in lower Manhattan this afternoon. Both were brought into court in handcuffs.
Mr. Early and Ms. Seifert each are charged with one count of conspiracy and 10 counts of false claims. If convicted of all counts, each faces up to 100 months in prison. Each was released on $25,000 cash bail or the equivalent and personal recognizance. They were required to surrender their passports. Federal prosecutors allege Mr. Early and Ms. Seifert inflated Ogilvy's labor costs from May 1999 through April 2000 on the $145 million White House Office of National Drug Control Policy account. Mr. Early, 48, and Ms. Seifert, 43, allegedly directed certain Ogilvy employees to revise already completed time sheets to show they had worked longer on the contract than recorded and to record on the time sheets that they'd spent a specified amount of time on the account whether they actually worked that time or not."
Do any of you think that this will cause a wave throughout the ad industry? I mean, have timesheets ever been accurate? Can timesheets ever be totally accurate? Will other clients of O&M and other agencies worry that they are being/have been swindled? This could cause a stink.

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